Second Time Around

1.Cacklin’ Hen  2.Yew Piney Mountain  3.Cold Frosty Morning  4.Unnamed Tune  5.Greasy Coat  6.Sally Comin’ Through the Rye
7.Rueben  8.Rainy Day  9.Cluck Old Hen  10.Hazelden Waltz  11.Ducks on the Pond  12.Waiting for the Boatsman  13.Sandy Boys
14.Old Drake  15.Yew Piney Mountain  16.Shakin' Down The Acorns  17.Billy In The Lowground  18.Fiddler's Dream  19.Gray Eagle
20.Sugar Tree Stomp  21.Bile Them Cabbage Down  22.Wheel Hoss  23.Cattle In The Cane  24.Garfield's Blackberry Blossom
25.Poca River Blues  26.Apple Blossom  27.Sally Goodin  28.Little Joe  29.Durang's Hornpipe  30.Katy Hill  31.Polecat Blues  32.Margarets Waltz

Hope I'll Join The Band

1.Hope I’ll Join the Band  2.Bile Them Cabbage Down  3.Bitter Creek  4.Hell Broke Loose in Georgia  5.Ball and Chain Hornpipe
6.The Cuckoo’s Nest  7.Turkey in the Straw  8.Dusty Miller  9.Garfield’s Blackberry Blossom  10.Sally Goodin
11.Wednesday Night Waltz/Cindy  12.Apple Blossom  13.Done Gone  14.Jake Gilley  15.Big Scioto  16.Bill Cheatham
17.Crystal Stream Waltz  18.Fiddler’s Dream  19.Casey Jones  20.Billy in the Low Ground  21.Cottage Hill
22.Durang’s Hornpipe  23.Cacklin’ Hen


1.Yellin’ In the Shoats  2.Katy Hill  3.Indian Squaw  4.Martha Campbell  5.George Booker  6.Billy in the Low Ground
7.Walk Along John  8.Hell Among the Yearlings  9.Margaret’s Waltz  10.Poca River Blues  11.Fair Morning Hornpipe
12.Yew Piney Mountain  13.Blackberry Blossom  14.Carroll County Blues  15.Fire On the Mountain
16.Maid Behind the Bar  17.The 28th of January  18.Paddy on the Turnpike  19.Ida Red  20.Jump Jim crow
21.Cattle in the Cane  22.Polecat Blues


1.June Apple  2.Davy Come Back and Act Like You Ought To  3.Meat Upon the Goose Foot  4.Dunbar  5.Brown’s Dream
6.Queen of the Earth and Child of the Stars  7.Faded Love  8.Red Bird  9.Forty Four Gun  10.The Falls of Richmond
11.Barlow Knife  12.Yellin’ In the Shoats  13.Twin Sisters  14.Old Mother Flannigan  15.Blue-Eyed Girl
16.Little Billy Wilson  17.Sandy Boys  18.Hazeldon Waltz  19.Black-Eyed Susie  20.Ducks on the Pond
21.Bonaparte Crossing the Alps  22.Rachel  23.Old Drake


1.Shaking Down the Acorns  2.Greasy String  3.Let’s Hunt the Horses  4.Old Corn Liquor  5.Abe’s Retreat  6.Christmas Morning
7.Molly Put the Kettle ON  8.Sally Comin’ Through the Rye  9.Paddy on the Turnpike  10.Hogs and Sheep A-going to the Pasture
11.Boatin’ Up Sandy  12.Mony Musk  13.Jenny on the Railroad  14.Turkey Creek  15.Money in Both Pockets  16.Unnamed Tune
17.The Horny Ewe  18.Breaking Up Christmas  19.Flatfoot in the Ashes  20.Frosty Morn


1.Jimmy Johnson  2.Waiting For The Federals  3.The Route  4.Temperance Reel  5.Cold Frosty Morning  6.Say Old Man
7.Charleston Gals  8.Old Joe Clark  9.Muskrat Sally Ann  10.Yew Piney Mountain  11.Lost Indian  12.Elsick's Farewell
13.Jack Of Diamonds  14.Waiting For The Boatsman  15.Lock Leven Castle  16.Old Sledge  17.Ryland Spencer  18.Rocky Road To Dublin
19.Cluck Old Hen  20.Rainy Day  21.Keys To The Kingdom  22.Lost Girl  23.Stack 'Em Up In Piles  24.Tippy Get Your Hair Cut
25.Grigsby's Hornpipe  26.Paddy On The Turnpike  27."One More Time"


1.John Brown’s Dream  2.Sweet Sunny South  3.I’d Rather Be An Old-Time Christian  4.Elk River Blues  5.Three Forks of Cheat 
6.Shakin’ Down the Acorns  7.The Logger  8.Melvin Medley  9.Greasy Coat  10.Hail Against the Barn Door  11.Pretty Polly Ann
12.Rye Straw  13.Washington’s March  14.Spring’s All Muddy  15.New Orleans  16.Bull at the Wagon  17.Bonaparte’s Retreat
18.Big Hoedown  19.Devil in the Strawstack  20.Where We’ll Never Grow Old  21.John Hardy  22.Napper  23.Lovely Jane  24.“How “bout that”

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